Hiya, I'm Brittany Lee


A suitcase and photo essay of my study abroad trip to five cities in Northern Italy.

After studying typography and design in Italy for 21 days, I came home with new skills, wonderful memories, and a ton of world experience. In order to properly honor all of those and keep everything together for the future, I designed a suitcase to hold all my favorite items from the trip. In the top layer of the suitcase is a photo essay that details the events of each day and is accompanied by 137 photo cards that show many of my favorite sights in Italy. Other items in the suitcase include a printed book of Haiku done at Tipoteca, brochures, my sketchbook, and a set of cards designed by Andy Warhol.

photo cards correspond to thumbnails in journal

Check out the full photo essay on ISSUU:


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